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Potassium-40 (with a half-life of 1.25 billion years) is at about eight percent of its original activity.

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The immediate dose from cosmic radiation is largely from muons, neutrons, and electrons, and this dose varies in different parts of the world based on the geomagnetic field and altitude.

This radiation is much more intense in the upper troposphere (around 10 km in altitude) and is therefore of particular concern for airline crews and frequent passengers, who spend many hours per year in this environment.

Radon is a decay product of uranium, which is relatively common in the Earth’s crust but more concentrated in ore-bearing rocks scattered around the world.

Radon seeps out of these ores into the atmosphere or into ground water; it can also infiltrate into buildings.

Radon and its isotopes, parent radionuclides, and decay products all contribute to an average inhaled dose of 1.26 m Sv/a.

Radon is unevenly distributed and variable with weather, such that much higher doses occur in certain areas of the world.An airline crew typically gets an extra dose on the order of 2.2 m Sv (220 mrem) per year.Terrestrial radiation only includes sources that remain external to the body.A semiconductor detector uses a semiconductor (usually silicon or germanium) to detect traversing charged particles or the absorption of photons.When these detectors’ sensitive structures are based on single diodes, they are called semiconductor diode detectors.In these areas it can represent a significant health hazard.

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