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TOEIC listening, question-response: Would you like to see the dessert menu?I think that you are right hadeel , but I think that if we try to write in chattingrooms correctly we will improve our language I think that if we try to write in forums , we will be better in inglish : DYou can still pick up some good English here.The verb «to chat» means to talk in a very casual way.

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As you know there various levels of communication and each one has its own rules and features.

For example, if you want to apply for an executive postion at an internationally operating corporation you have to use a certain set of phrases and word combinations that are different from the language dominating chatrooms.

As for your English — I'm sure that with a some more training you will score above 7.5 in the IELTS exam, there a plenty of prep materials available - you can practise for 30 minutes each day.

Also, Alan's tests will increase your confidence as well. You are right — English should be the means rather the purpose but then again language is the single most important tool we possess when it comes to achieving our goals.

Imagine you communicate for a long period of time in chatrooms where people don't care about the correctness of their language — after a while you won't be able to distingush between right and wrong.

You will start to speak «chat language» and you want to talk to a business professional they will immediately identify you as a «chatty person».My experience: I talked with a very well-read Englishman for several months, in addition to fantastically interesting and often heated discussions about politics, literature, philosophy, music, hobbies etc.he proved a chance not to be missed to improve my grammar and increase the vocabulary.You might be an expert in a special field and still your success largely depends on your ability to communicate with other people.That's why we can share our ideas here in the forum, this will increase our word power.Hi all : I have to use academic English , which helps me to pass the Exam , that i am looking forward to score highly through.

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