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Perry had undertaken substantial research before the trip, and was prepared for the disciplined and hierarchical society he encountered in Japan.(A contemporary report of his first meeting with Japanese envoys, compiled from Perry's own notes, is online here.) Armed with translators and sophisticated gifts, including a telegraph machine, he agreed to talk to only high-ranking dignitaries, and threatened military force if his wishes were not respected.In these cases, owners might be asked to provide additional funding.

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As part of the due diligence in buying a unit in a condominium, buyers should check to see if the current owner has fallen behind on fees.

After purchasing a property, the owner has to pay monthly fees to the building management association to maintain the building in good condition.

Those funds are collected into a savings account for future work on the whole building, e.g.

exterior renewals, necessary structural repairs or replacing old equipment.

He was presented with a unique gold medal by the merchants of Boston, and Congress granted him a reward of $20,000.

) are terms used to describe more or less the same thing, which is the fee for the maintenance of the common areas in a building.If you purchase a condominium second-hand, you will have to pay whatever the set monthly amount is for the repair reserve fund.However, if the previous owner is behind on their building fees, you, as the next owner will also be responsible for paying back any unpaid fees to the management company.On his return in February 1854 with twice as many ships, Perry found that the Japanese had prepared a treaty agreeing to establish trade with America, and the agreement was confirmed by the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa on March 31 1854.(The contemporary reports of the Secretary of the Navy to Congress detailing the mission and its outcomes, as well as Perry's other duties, are online here.) Perry returned to New York in January 1855 to a rapturous reception.CAM fees are different than fees for the repair reserve fund.

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