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He took his pants off and out jumped his dick, which was fat and impressive, he brought it closer to her pussy and pushed it in one mighty thrust, Linda arched her back and moaned, his dick was much bigger and fatter than his finger and she felt that difference, but her pussy was wet and easily welcomed his dick inside. Hesky was now standing before Linda with his dick inside her, she was just a few moments away from her first orgasm and he knew that.

He spat on his thumb and put it on her clit, then he started simultaneously moving his dick inside her while his thumb was rhythmically massaging her clit.

I am very excited about it and think it will totally eclipse the first two chapters.

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For example, if you dream of having sex with someone other than your partner, this may highlight dissatisfaction with the physical side of your relationship.

Your dreams may reveal patterns in your sexual relationships that you may not be aware of.

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This chapter covers setting up a new house for the purposes of training slaves and the acquisition and training of their first slave.

Linda paused for a moment but then decide to do what the doctor told her. Linda’s pussy was half shaved, she had a pretty bunch of hair on her pubis area, but the area near her clit and her pussy lips was absolutely neat and clear. Hesky knew perfectly what a woman needed to reach an orgasm so he started rhythmically and methodically.

He brought his tongue to her pussy and started licking it slowly making sure his saliva was making her pussy as wet as possible, in a minute he positioned his tongue to her clit and started licking that area over.

When Linda got out of the shower she understood what she just did, she cheated on her husband with a doctor, a man who was supposed to save and revive their marriage passion.

Although the orgasm that Doctor gave her was strong and intense, she could never feel it with her husband.

Linda started trembling, her husband Jeremy didn’t even know where clit was located and he didn’t even want to know. Hesky on the opposite knew a woman’s body like the palm of his hand and it was easy for him to make Linda feel good.

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