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Conagra Brands is confident that epoxy lined packaging containing BPA is safe, so you can enjoy the food regardless. and Canada after July 30, 2015 is in non-BPA lined packaging. Can I reuse the plastic containers of your frozen meals?

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How do I know animals are treated properly in the making of your food?

We are committed to delivering on the industry's highest food safety and quality standards by operating in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those associated with the U. We also continually evaluate new and emerging food safety practices and invest in new equipment, technology and best-in-class processes at our production facilities.

Additionally, we work to stay on the cutting edge of food safety by monitoring the work of external scientists who develop new food processing techniques, pathogen and contaminant testing methodology, ingredients and equipment designs for our industry.

What evaluation processes and third parties does Conagra use to ensure that its food safety objectives are met?

Conagra Brands has an extensive checks and balances system to monitor and audit the safety and quality of our food.All major food allergen ingredients will be listed in the ingredient statement and will be noted in the "Contains" statement if they are included in flavorings or spice mixes. We follow rigorous food safety practices in all of our food preparation and storage facilities.Our recipes change from time to time, so we encourage you to check both the ingredient list and "Contains" statement each time you buy a product. Our foodborne pathogen control program starts with making sure our buildings and equipment are cleaned and maintained, and that we have systems in place to keep out anything that could potentially contaminate our food. Cleaning our mixing, sifting, cooking, freezing and all preparation equipment, utensils, other food contact surfaces and floors is just as important to us as it is in your kitchen.Is your non-BPA lined packaged food labeled for consumers to identify?No, but all of our canned food made in the company's facilities in the U. and Canada after July 30, 2015 is in non-BPA lined cans.Why doesn't my local grocery store have my favorite product?

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