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As far as I have gathered, the story is this: During 2012, Alex Day and Carrie Fletcher were dating, but did not tell anyone about it because they didn’t want to pull their fan communities into it if they broke up.

Then, around the beginning of this year, Carrie and Alex got back together.

During the time Carrie and Alex were dating in 2012, Alex was reportedly in emotionally and sexually manipulative relationships with other girls, five of whom have shared there stories anonymously or not anonymously on tumblr (note: this was not during the 2014 relationship.).

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There’s a happy medium here, and that is to remember that You Tubers are normal people, normal people who make mistakes and do bad things.

Alex Day made the wrong choice, and we should take that into consideration, but we do not need to go around being destructive.

We shouldn’t act like this is no big deal and people are just doing this for attention and forget all about it, because that’s not true.

However, we shouldn’t be blindly raging about Alex or sending him anon hate or swearing off ever saying a good thing about him ever again.

We are a community of positive thinkers, and we need to carry on as one.

Love and pinkies up, Emma EDIT: I have just been notified that Carrie and Alex were actually dating most of 2012, and this was the period of time during which the abuse occurred.

We need to do what Hopefuls do best: go about this situation in a positive way. Spread awareness about the very serious issue of sexual abuse.

Help those who are victims of abuse in any way possible.

Once again, I am not an expert on sexual abuse and I was not involved. And I think we, as a community, are feeling very much for Carrie right now, because many know what it’s like to have our hearts broken, and feel as though Carrie is our honorary big sister. However, I think it’s important to remember that this is between Carrie and Alex, and the terms of their breakup is between them.

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