Candy dating game

This cute girl is getting ready to go to her favorite candy shop to load up on colorful lollipops and other delicious desserts so that she can get her sweet fix. Frankie Stein and some of her other classmates from Monster High have plans to go to the mall after class to load up on sweet candies.But Frankie stepped in a puddle on the way to the mall and no...

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Today she wants to try something new - a candy look. She always gets some caramel apples, popcorn and cotton candy.

Join the beautiful fashionista and begin by applying makeup. Looks like someone took all the treats that Juliet bought and hide it all over the carnival ten...

Every year, you and your best friend work the cotton candy stand at the fair to save up some spending cash during the summer.

The fair is about to open, and you already have a line of hungry kids ...

Barbie and Ellie love chocolate so much they hound the cocoa makers wherever they go.

Lead them to the chocolate fun shop as quickly as you can, and ambush them with some sweet and semi-sweet good...These are the Live Same Day Ratings which include “live” viewing plus delayed DVR viewing, up until 3am local time that same night.Ratings marked with an “*” are the fast affiliate ratings and will be updated with the Live SD numbers when they are made available. On this day in 1341, the princess gets anything she wants.She was the most desirable woman in all of the nine kingdoms and as soon as she awarded her knightly prince her hand in marriage, she bec...The higher the ratings (particularly in the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival.

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