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While only 8.3% of participants usually discussed CAM with their physicians.

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Socio-demographic data including age, sex, residence, education, occupation …etc, 2). Because of the very large surface area of Riyadh region, 20 well trained and educated data collectors participated in the study (10 males and 10 females).

Female data collectors went into the field in the morning, while males did the work in the afternoon.

Aims and methods of the study were explained for the data collectors and a role play was performed by data collectors for the personal interview.

Skills of dealing with participants, methods of confidence and dealing with expected obstacles were acquired by data collectors.

Zα at 5% level of significance = 1.96d = level of precision and is estimated to be 0.05p = Prevalence rate of CAM use in two previous studies in theregion that was about (30%).

Hence, the primary sample size =[(1.96)× (0.3 × 0.7)]/(0.05 ×0.05)= 323 subjects.

Hence, the present work is aimed at studying the knowledge, attitude and practice of the people living in Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia, on CAM. The estimated population is believed to be 5,835,618 persons according to the last demographic survey done from 15 February 2007 to 15 March 2007, and was estimated to be 6,104,015 persons by the end of 2009, with 50.4% males and 72% Saudi Nationals.14 The study design was a multi-stage random sample taken from Riyadh city and the governorates related to it.

One governorate was selected randomly from the north, south, east and western regions in addition to Riyadh city.

OBJECTIVES: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is well established worldwide.

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