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Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell was a strong athlete.

However, unlike his teammates, Cam was gentle, nice, shy, cool, and sweet.

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He was friends with Tristan Milligan, Tori Santamaria, Mike Dallas, and Alli Bhandari, and was in a relationship with Maya Matlin, who was his first love, for the majority of his stint on season 12.

Cam disliked Luke Baker, and eventually became enemies with Zig Novak.

His suicide left a trail of devastation in its path with school students in pain, wondering what they could have done differently to have helped him and motivated them to help fellow students like him. In Come As You Are (1), he is briefly seen standing in the parking lot of Degrassi with the rest of the hockey team on their first day of school. In Gives You Hell (1), he is first seen in French class with Tristan and Maya, being placed into their group.

He says that because of hockey practice, he is lacking a French credit, which explains why he is in a class with all freshman.

Campbell began to like Maya from the first time they met, making him excited when he got a message from her Face Range account.

At lunch, he goes over to them and talks to Maya about loaning her his Lost Season 1 DVD because she supposedly mentioned it in her chat with him, but it was actually Tristan.

He was sentenced to just one year probation and a 0 fine.

Cam (By everyone)Rookie/Rook (by Dallas and Luke)Lil' Cam (By Dallas)Jersey Boy (By Tori) Ice Cube (by Luke)Mama's Boy (By Luke)Cheesy (By Maya, Tori, and Tristan)Birdman (Dallas)Superstar (By Maya)The Regurgitator (By Luke)Suicide Dude (By Harry)Psycho (By Zig)Saunders (By The Ice Hounds) Campbell "Cam" Saunders (1997-2013) was a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi.

O'Neil was asked about Cam, who claimed that in July of 1987 he and Cam had an argument over the phone about the dogs.

The next day, O'Neil went to Cam's house and found the phone ripped out of the wall, but never saw Cam again.

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