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Over decades, the parents were fascinated in determining the sex of their baby according to biological and inherited beliefs, which depend on the human needs.

This doesn't depend on any scientific bases, but this method made the chance of having a baby boy 60% (its usually 51%). Unless it is linked to a disease connected to the sex of the baby. We can’t grantee these methods except what is previously mentioned success rate. At the 12-13 weeks of pregnancy through 4 dimension ultrasound.

Some question you may ask: 1- Is sex selection by any previously mentioned method affect the health of the baby? 2- Is any method associated with dysmorphology or abortion?

At the same period of time, French men underwent left orchiectomy in order to prevent female embryos production entirely. If intercourse occurs 12 hours prior to ovulation, a baby boy is favored but if it occurs several days before ovulation, it will favor a girl.

There were some beliefs that when a fat man marries a thin woman they would produce only females and vice versa. If you want a better result, you should combine this method with the diet described before, and also you should calculate the time of ovulation precisely, because it differs from one patient to another and from one month to the other in the same person.

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A cell from each embryo will be taken later on and a chromosomal analysis is conducted to determine the sex of the embryos.

Fourth: The normal embryos having the desired sex are transferred to the uterus, sometimes we can’t transfer any embryos if they were abnormal or of the undesired sex.

At the same time the oocyte only contains X-Chromosome so when fertilization occurs between an x-sperm and an oocyte, the embryo will be a female (xx), while if a Y sperm meets the oocyte then the embryo will be a male (xy). On the other hand, the x-sperm has a heavier weight then slower motion, but lives longer.

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