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With both fighters scoring multiple downs, and Ippo's strategy against the counter working as planned, they get to the fourth round.In this final round, Ippo throws his newly acquired uppercut in an attempt to end the fight, but misses.

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After convincing Kamogawa, he goes through intensive training in order to face the counter head-on.

The day of the match, Ippo faces a once again confident Miyata, who soon becomes desperate after realizing just how much his opponent had evolved in only three months.

After a few failed attempts and following Takamura's instructions, Ippo successfully performs a straight on the sandbag, which he send flying to the ceiling.

Ippo's power is such, that the skin of his hand is peeled after hitting the sandbag.

Despite losing the fight by knockout, Ippo's great determination earns him the coach's respect and acceptance.

Realizing Ippo's potential, Kamogawa decides to have him fight Miyata again, to see how much they can improve in three months.

In order to face the counter that defeated him, Ippo learns how to perform an uppercut, and works a strategy to lure Miyata in.

However, after a conversation with the Miyata about what motivated him to fight, Ippo decides that he does not want to run away from the counter.

Due to this, he was constantly tormented by a group of bullies made up of Umezawa Masahiko and his friends Takemura and Matsuda.

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