Blue collar and white collar dating

That experience lasted 20 years, and it was a constant battle for security.

If someone seeks to be involved with me based solely on a "league", we probably won't do well together.

I've yet to meet a woman who was interested in a man she considered to be of a class lower than hers. It has something to do with money but I'm not sure what.

In 2002, I was single, but set on not settling, so I decided to clear my mind by banning alcohol and sex from my life. We were introduced at a bar through mutual friends and hit if off. I always felt like God brought Steve into my life at the right time because he was perfect for me.

However, there were a lot of differences--and I knew my friends were right. We didn't just have different income levels; we had distinctive spending habits. Steve will buy what he likes, but will shop at full price.

Today I manage the family budget--Steve knows that I'm better with money--but I'm hands off with his personal spending pot... I knew my answer was yes--throw away the key, honey!

All in all, I lucked out, kind of like when you find that perfect dress and you just know it was made for you.

I don't choose men to be involved with based on their educational background, job, wallet or social status.

I choose men based on how well we get along with each other.

For example, when I met Steve he was driving an Avalanche truck--which I admit was a huge turn-on -- but nothing gets me more excited than good credit and a nine-month savings nest egg. Since we knew that finances destroyed relationships, we always talked about it.

When Steve decided he was ready to be my husband, I found out a few things that were shocking in pre-martial counseling.

I've found blue collar workers to be some of the best men I've ever met.

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