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Continued The post NEW Happy Labbit Christmas Tree Ornaments Available Now! With a redesigned interface and new, more expressive voice, Siri is more powerful than ever.

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As of the Christmas episode, she was hellbent on taking Ali down but has since floated away into the ether. Just because she helped rescue her friends from a psychopath's missile silo doesn't mean she's not still a bitch. Like Lucas and Jenna, Mike has always been in and out, but where has he been ever since his sister got locked in a missile silo for three weeks?

Since 1984, Generation 1 Optimus Prime has received the largest number of toys for any single Transformers character, a testament to the character's enduring popularity and status as a hero to many fans.

For example, when dictating a text, you can say “Hi Mary comma the check is in the mail period”. With one command you can turn the lights in your living room blue, close the shades, and turn on the disco ball.

has remained constant throughout the show's run (with the addition of Mona and Alison as needed), minor characters come and go like patrons of the Brew. Childhood friend of Aria's whose interests include doing martial arts in spite of his heart problem.

Prime's trailer opens up into his Combat Deck, containing the scout drone, Roller.

The interior of the Combat Deck features three pegs that can accommodate Prime's laser rifle, fuel pump and nozzle accessories, and seating for two Diaclone drivers.

“Sang Han is my brother” Tell Siri how people in your contacts are related to you, like your mom, dad, brother, or girlfriend, and it will know who you’re referring to the next time you ask Siri to contact someone. For example, say “Send a message to Mom that I’m running 15 minutes late” and Siri will write her a text.

Or say “Send Mom a message” and Siri will ask what you want to tell her. When you’re dictating to Siri, simply say what punctuation you want to use as you speak. ” and set the scene with Home Kit-enabled products.

Super heroes dominate the movies every major television station has shows …

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