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Only condoms, contraceptive sponges, spermicides, and some kinds of emergency contraception are sold in stores like supermarkets and drugstores.

All other kinds of birth control require a visit to a health care professional.

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There are lots of possible questions about birth control.

It’s a good idea to talk with your parents or another adult you trust, such as your doctor or nurse, before you have sex.

I’ve never had a boyfriend and my parents have never had “the talk” with me.

I really want to start taking the Pill in case, but I don’t know how to ask my mom.

It may be tempting to have sex without birth control, but that can cause serious problems.

Remember, if you feel close enough with someone to have sex, you should feel close enough to discuss birth control — even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable.I’m not going to college just to have sex, but I want to be prepared.Do you think I should just go to college and not worry about it, or should I consider taking it? When should you start taking the birth control pill? It’s great that you want to start taking birth control pills just so that you can be safe in case anything happens.Any kind of birth control will affect your body, so it’s not something you should start on a whim.I would say the best time to start is when you think you’ll be sexually active. Some people get contraception at a family planning clinic, where services are confidential (kept private) and often cost less or are free. In the United States, most insurance companies have to pay for the whole cost of an appointment to talk to your doctor about birth control and for most types of birth control your doctor prescribes.

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