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God gives the home to us as our domain and we should strive to be hard workers at home.

All Christians are called to generally love, but wives are specifically called to love their family.

Women struggle with many different areas, but being lazy in your home and also being too busy and out of the home often can lead to a wife who isn’t fulfilling her role in this area.

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And yet, Christian women often treat their husbands like the wives on those TV shows.

They scold their husbands and treat them like they are children.

It is clear that God has given the home to women as their domain.

Man are called to lead and provide for their family and we are called to care for our home and our family.

As my husband always says, don’t hear what I’m not saying.

What I am saying is this: a wife’s responsibility is their home.

But this doesn’t excuse either side from their roles.

Submission is a much bigger topic than can be addressed in these few paragraphs, so to explore more on submission I highly recommend these resources: While this list could go on about the marks of a Biblical wife, and each point could be discussed in great detail, this is at least a starting point.

This leading and submitting would be mutually beneficial and ultimately glorifying to God.

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