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Weinstein, a registered nurse and speaker/author on the subject of work/life balance.

She gives the example of a cold open email campaign launched last fall to 100 chief nursing officers, putting as the subject line, “Let’s Celebrate Nursing Week Together.” She urged the recipients to start thinking about National Nurses Week (which didn’t actually occur until the following May)—something that was probably not on their radar in November the preceding year.

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He warns that a big mistake is “making it about what you, the person doing the outreach, needs rather than offering value to the recipient.” Instead, think through what you would want to receive in a cold open email and be sure it is explicitly clear to the recipient what they have to gain by fulfilling your request.

Just maybe don’t do it on your commute: You’ve got better things to do then.

With strides in technology and marketing tools, the rise of social media, and the acceptance of seemingly sci-fi concepts—think: augmented reality and virtual reality—email can seem downright old-fashioned.

But when it comes to getting your message in front of potential prospects, the cold open email remains your most effective resource.

“The result: I booked seven presentations during nursing week 2017, and earned $35,000 compared to last year’s $9,000,” she says.

And for other ways to pad your pockets with margins like that, check out the 20 most lucrative side gig ideas out there.

“You can’t expect someone to commit to an hour-long demo,” says Ryan Farley, co-founder and head of marketing and sales for Lawn Starter Lawn Care.

“Rather, ask for 15 minutes to chat, or an introduction to the write person.” You want to be sure there are no typos or grammatical errors in the email—in the subject line especially—but according to some marketers, capitalization is best avoided.

But Farley cautions, “as with all things email, you really have to test it to make sure it works for your company and with your audience.” While you want to include an intriguing subject line, the body of the email needs to deliver.

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