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The beaches are almost completely undeveloped, so no facilities, and there are several large private properties which are built close to the shore line.As is common throughout the Philippines, 'sport' is synonymous with cock-fighting.

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Originally pre-dating the church, one was used as the Casa de Mamposteria (house of masons) during construction of the church.

The main house was later inherited by the son of del Rosario and his second wife, while the house next door was their wedding gift to their daughter.

The main driving force was the parish priest Padre Doroteo Andrade del Rosario and the maestro de obras (master of works) was his nephew Manuel Rubio y del Rosario (also known as ). The principal building material is coral, sawn to approximately parallelepiped shape and dressed like stone.

Since mid–2012 refurbishment work has been in progress: the belfry has been restored to its former glory, and as at February 2013 there are plans to open it for tourist access.

Many households have their own equipment, but for special occasions they hire equipment with truly prodigious output, especially with low frequency sound.

This is likely to be placed in the street, for the enjoyment of all the neighbourhood.There are no longer any public entertainment centres such as cinemas.Apart from religious fiestas and processions, the main Bantayanon enjoyment comes from karaoke (known as videoke).For the longest journeys, such as from Santa Fe ferry pier into downtown Bantayan and onwards, there are larger jeepneys, which can carry around 20 passengers with rooftop goods stowage. There are a few historically notable buildings but they have generally not been well maintained, and the ravages of the climate hasten decay, together with several major fires, which consume the wooden structures.Preventive maintenance generally was not practised, so even the best preserved buildings date back only to the middle of the 19th century. Since the arrival of the Spanish there have been several buildings on its site: originally it was little more than a bamboo and nipa structure, which was burned down during one of the Moro raids.For short journeys within population centres, then trisikads are readily available.

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