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The Wharton graduate met her late spouse at Stanford, where she earned her M. The couple had three children, son Reed and daughters Erin and Eve.

"His private legacy with me and the kids is that of a husband and father," she told Brian Williams in a rare interview in April.

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…he faces a much more favorable electorate in states voting after March 15.

If Sanders stays within 150 delegates by that benchmark, he can potentially narrow Clinton’s lead in the spring and overtake her in the summer as Sanders-favorable coastal states take to the polls.

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Sanders raised an absurd $42 million in February—$6 million of it on the Monday after the South Carolina blowout.

Because he relies so heavily on small-dollar donors who haven’t hit the ,700 limit, he can in theory keep circling back for more money to buy ads and build organizations in every state that comes up.

If superdelegates are not accounted for, roughly 64 percent of delegates are left within the Democratic primary election.” he’s beating her by a slim margin.

That balance of support–made obvious in the first three Democratic contests–will likely become evident again as the race moves forward, out of the South and into states with the largest offerings of delegates.

memoir June 2016 click on image for more interview: Lucy Caldwell, author of , by Trevor Conway.

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