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She expresses displeasure about not receiving an invitation, to which the good fairy Merryweather replies that she was unwanted. Queen Leah asks her if she is offended, causing Maleficent to deny her rage, and subsequently offers to bestow a "gift" on Aurora to show that she "bears no ill will".

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) is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 16th animated feature film Sleeping Beauty (1959).

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It’s not quite Halloween yet but Disneyland has already quietly started its preparations for the holiday season.

Christmas lights are going up around Sleeping Beauty Castle and at “it’s a small world,” as part of those iconic attractions big holiday overlays.

Maleficent later wakes up and, by seeing that Diablo has been turned to stone, discovers that the fairies have freed Philip from her dungeon.

She climbs to the top of one of her castle's towers and proceeds to blast Philip with lightning, and after the good fairies foil these attempts, she summons a forest of thorns, through which Philip slices his way out.

Laughing, her presence leaves, with the Royal Guards unable to seize her.

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