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On Stefanie: Coco Johnsen dress; Charles Albert ring.Purple was the starring hue on the runway this season.

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On Stefanie: Coco Johnsen dress; Charles Albert cuff.

Bronzers are a great way to fake a tan without any harsh effects to your skin.

It’s the perfect complimentary colour when wearing yellow because the shades are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

THE NATURAL WAY: Look for high-grade mineral makeup to provide rich, deep pigments without added chemicals.

Whether in your wardrobe or your makeup, yellow is a must try colour this summer.

Yellow hues in makeup work best when your wardrobe is in other bright colours, such as blue.

THE NATURAL WAY: Mica is an inorganic, colourless silicate mineral that provides luster and adhesion in makeup. There are so many ways to wear them and messy is in so don’t worry if you’re still learning.

On Stefanie: Coco Johnsen dress; Tebazile coiled bangle; Kesha Rose by Charles Albert Druzy ring.

Is your clothing staple ready to show off that body you’ve been beautifully crafting at the gym throughout the winter season?

You will have to start stacking up on those crop tops to show off your abs, and shorts...

You can never miss with a feminine look and natural, healthy skin.

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