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They also vociferously opposed the 2004 segregation amendment and actively campaigned for Parker, Moore’s protege.

As TPM previously reported, Moore’s biggest donor, Michael Peroutka, is a neo-Confederate who has advocated that the South should secede and for years served on the League of the South’s board.

This amendment got caught in a more recent fight over education funding as well, an issue that’s both racially charged and far from symbolic for many voters in the state.

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That base wasn’t enough when he ran against Riley in 2006, but it powered his primary victory over Sen. Attorney Doug Jones, who is best known for successfully prosecuting, decades later, Ku Klux Klan member responsible for the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four young black girls.

Luther Strange (R-AL) last month and has him favored to win the Dec. It’s also one in a long line of racially charged episodes in Moore’s career. Alabama’s state constitution still contains the following language:“Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race.”A ‘Black Eye’ For Alabama The battle over removing segregationist language is part of a much larger effort that has pitted reformers, civil rights groups and many in the business community against Old South traditionalists and some other conservatives in the state for much of the last two decades.

”Many voters’ opposition to more school funding was and is ideological and financial, not purely racially driven.

But civil rights groups argue that the effect is the same.“When you talk about not guaranteeing or taking away the language from the not guaranteeing the right to a public education, that’s racist,” Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Charles Steele Jr., a former Alabama state senator, told NPR at the time.

That fight had made him a superstar in the religious right both in the state and nationally.

When conservative evangelical activists including the Alabama Christian Coalition began warning about adverse effects of the segregation amendment he stepped up to be the amendment’s most prominent foe — a move that kept his name in the headlines as he geared up for a 2006 primary challenge against Riley and sent the amendment down to a narrow defeat.“This amendment is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the people of Alabama should be aware of it,” Moore told the Birmingham News in 2004, warning it would “open the door to an enormous tax increase” — one of many broadsides he issued. The statewide measure failed by about 2,000 votes, out of 1.4 million cast.

Moore’s Foundation for Moral Law hosted the neo-Confederate, pro-secession League of the South’s annual “Secession Day” events in 20, though Moore’s staff claim he didn’t know about it .

League leaders have participated in pro-Moore rallies both times he was removed from the state court.

It was a measure that was set to pass without much opposition and then because he got involved it changed the dynamic completely,” said Susan Kennedy of the Alabama Education Association, the state public teachers’ lobby that supported the amendment.

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