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Elsewhere downtown, glass-and-steel retail centers and office buildings have replaced such older buildings.

But the divergent styles tend to be clustered and don't compete with each other for the viewer's eye.

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Stockholm's premier tourist attraction is Gamla Stan (literally, Old Town), one of the largest neighborhoods of 16th-century buildings in Europe.

Block after block of these four- and five-story structures are painted in vivid colors typical of Mediterranean villages and occasionally feature wrought-iron signs symbolizing ancient craftworkers' guilds or faces of religious figures.

More recently there has been an emphasis on clothing design; if you want to be able to tell friends, ”I picked this up in Stockholm,' head to trendy department stores Ahlens City or NK (in its second century) or the store operated by fashion maven Anna Holtblad.

Luas, kemas, bersih, cantik dan sangat selesa untuk percutian family yang besar atau percutian dengan kengkawan.

This amplified her Electrical Abilities tenfold and gave her new abilities like conjuring a protective shield,superhuman strength and siphoning the life force of other living beings to prolong her life and preserve her youth.

She goes to the Kingdom of Marossi, the most important of the Ancient Kingdoms of Ducitora.

According to Lia's story to Raydan, the other inhabitants of Stormlands began mysteriously dying off until Azura was the only remaining person in the world who wielded Electrical Abilities(until Lia's birth).

Although the exact reason is not stated, it can be safely assumed that Azura slowly killed off her own tribe to prevent the emergence of another powerful wielder of Electrical powers that could potentially rise up and challenge her authority.

(Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and has a one-house parliament).

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