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You can rotate 90 degrees left, right or 180 degrees, rotate based on EXIF value and flip vertical/horizontal.

Take note that rotating an image from the Viewer tab will take effect immediately. Irfan View Irfan View is one of the oldest graphic viewing software that has been around since 1996.

The built-in rotate function found in the Image tab in Irfan View isn’t lossless.

After testing the lossless rotation feature on Photo Scape, we can tell that it can only perform lossless rotation for images with a dimension that can be perfectly divided by 8.

Images with an odd dimension can still be rotated, but there will be some data loss which is unnoticeable to the human eye.

Fortunately this warning message will not appear on all images except for some with certain dimensions.

Rotating a JPG image without any quality loss is called lossless rotation and this feature is actually already supported since Windows XP, although there are many claims stating otherwise just because of the file size difference.Irfan View can perform lossless rotation even on images with odd dimensions by discarding the partial blocks so that it can be perfectly divided by 8.An example image that we’ve tested has a dimension of 480×721 and after rotating clockwise for 4 times, the dimension becomes 480×720.It is free, fast and has a nicer looking graphical user interface if compared to Irfan View.The rotate functionality is quite similar to Irfan View in the sense that the built-in rotate feature is lossy.This would mean that a row has been discarded to preserve the rest of the data.

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