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‘Dad was always at the lab or with his nose in a textbook, completely oblivious to his family.'” In other words, her father was a good example of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome. This case was of “A man who, when his wife was away from home for weeks at a time because of travelling for work, did not lift his head up from the computer to greet and embrace her on her return.He was a brilliant computer expert who was responsible for some major advances in that industry.The careers that many of them chose required long periods of travel.

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Clearly, as exemplified in the above cases, these are extremely bright and even brilliant people.

Despite being intelligent, they are extremely rigid, even compulsive in their approach to life.

Why is it difficult for Aspergians to interact with people?

This is mainly because Aspergians are not empathic to other people.

He talked about his studies as a student, his work as a researcher and his uncanny ability to block out the entire world so that he could fully focus on his work.

While he was retired, he continued to work as a consultant around the nation and world.

She was unable to sustain a job, had no sexual relationship with her husband and, except for her husband and parents, had no outside relationships, not even with her younger sister.” What became quite apparent during the first two or three family sessions was that her father, a brilliant man and medical doctor who restricted his work to research in the laboratory, was someone with Asperger’s syndrome.

During the sessions he was verbal, but was unable to make eye contact with anyone.

They may not understand the reasons for this but they do accept the fact that they need to learn new behaviors.

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