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In 1926, she was named Germany's first female professor of physics at the University of Berlin.

Meitner and Hahn, who headed the chemistry department, worked on many projects, sometimes separately and sometimes in collaboration.

Florida Community College at Jacksonville Marie Genevieve Bouliar ? Novelist Marie Corelli (real name "Mary Mackay") became the best selling author in England, and the favorite of Queen Victoria, who ordered a collection of all Marie's books.

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She bought and restored a 16th-century house, Mason Croft, which is now the Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham.

She published a pamphlet to encourage British people to visit Stratford-on-Avon.? She settled with her devoted, lifelong friend, Bertha Vyver in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Literary Encyclopedia

Painting: Vase of Tulips, Roses, and Other Flowers with Insects, 1669. When a client encouraged her to visit Paris in 1720, she was elected to the Royal Academy. In the 1660's four women were elected to the Academy.?

Florida Community College at Jacksonville Rosalba Carriera ? She was one of the originators of the rococo style in Italy and France, plus being a favorite of nobility. Rosalba returned to Venice, where she lived on the Grand Canal with her widowed mother and younger sister. Painting: Self-Portrait, Holding Portrait Of Her Sister, 1715. In 1795, she won the Prix d' Encouragement for her idealized painting of the hetaera Aspasia (the courtesan of Pericles in ancient Athens). Alexander Lenoir), Florida Community College at Jacksonville Marie Corelli ?

She was also a poet, writer and - most notoriously - never married. Mc Clintock was the recipient of several honorary doctors of science degrees and many awards for her research. On December 8, 1983, she gave her Nobel lecture entitled, "The significance of responses of the genome to challenge" Notable Women in Science and Mathematics Mary Cassatt - American impressionist artist ?

European History: ================================================= Barbara Mc Clintock (1902 ? She never married, devoting the rest of her life continuing her research on genetic mutations.? Best known for being the first to demonstrate the action of transposable genetic element, these pieces of DNA can insert themselves at difference points in the genome, which are now called "transposons" or the jumping beans, meaning they could move around.? One of the few women Impressionists, Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) had a life of paradoxes: American born, she lived and worked in France; a classically trained artist, she preferred the company of radicals; never married, Bell, one of the most famous women of her time, was a scholar, historian, kingmaker, archaeologist and spy.Jane Addams won the Nobel Peace Prize for her heroic efforts at improving the lives of the poor. Even though she never held a political office in Chicago her impact on American society was greater than many men who held a seat at City Hall.? Britain Unlimited ================================================= Anne Bronte Anne Bronte, novelist and poet was never married. After graduation she worked primarily as a private duty nurse for the next thirty years all over the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Maria Van Oosterwych, Dutch (1630-1693): She was the daughter of a preacher who noticed her artistic talents and sent her to study with Jan Davidsz de Heem in 1658 in Antwerp.Jane Addams never married and devoted her life to her work at Hull-House and to gaining rights for women and children.? In addition to being an active member in the Progressive Party, she served on the Chicago School Board, headed the National Conference of Social Work, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for her work with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Illinois Periodicals Online Emily Bronte Emily Bronte, novelist and poet was never married. She ended her nursing career as director of an orphanage in Long Island, New York, the position she had held for a decade. She worked slowly, building up her marvelously finished positions, but she worked everyday.Tennyson wrote her praises for her work Ardath (1889), a book which did not sell very well relatively, but the one Marie had always considered her best.? After Marie moved to Stratford-on-Avon in 1899, she crusaded to preserve Shakespeare's shrine in the Church of the Holy Trinity and worked to prevent some cottages once owned by Shakespeare's descendants from being demolished for a Carnegie library.She also helped establish Harvard House for visiting students of Harvard University.She wrote Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Emma, and Mansfield Park. She had several famous love affairs, including one with the prominent poet Ibn Zaydun, but never married.

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