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I love you and I couldn't possibly be any prouder.

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After years of working out 7 hours a day, Nastia stopped working out completely for a brief period post-retirement in 2012 and experienced weight gain of 20 pounds.

She claims she felt completely out of place in a regular gym.

Olympic Gold medalist, Sports Commentator and Analyst, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker She also gets paid for being a fashion influencer by regularly updating many of her outfits on Instagram with a direct link on LIKEto fashion app which further redirects her followers to links from where they can purchase the clothing items.

In July 2017, she advertised for Sugar Bear Hair on Instagram.

Vera Wang” – which seems slightly petty considering they worked together on a billion-dollar empire and are parents to two daughters. Now that I’m hearing the rumor that Vera might have dumped her husband for a 27-year-old Olympian boy-toy… Sources close to the famous wedding dress designer, who announced on July 11 via the president of her multimillion-dollar company that she was separating from husband Arthur Becker , say she’s been playing house with someone young enough to be her son.

According to an insider, 27-year-old Olympic champion figure skater Evan Lysacek moved into Wang’s Beverly Hills mansion last month .

She briefly enrolled as an International Business major in South Methodist University in 2008 but her commitment to gymnastics for Olympics 2008 and thereafter, made her drop out in 2009.

After retiring from her sport in 2012, she enrolled in New York University in January 2013 for a degree in Sports Management and Psychology and graduated in 2016.

[From NYDN] Johnny Weir has made some pointed comments in the past that seem to indicate that Lysacek might possibly be gay, but I don’t know if Weir knows that for sure or he’s just guessing. I couldn’t find any photos of Vera and her husband of 23 years, but I found of ton of photos of Vera and Evan.

I know Weir is close to Tanith Belbin, whom Evan reportedly dated before the 2010 Olympics, so maybe Weir is just repeating gossip from a girlfriend? One, Evan is gay and he and Vera Wang truly are friends, and he’s just staying with her to help her out during her time of need. Evan faces constant “gay rumors” because he’s a fabulous figure skater but he really does like the ladies and he and Vera are totally bonin’.

Wang, a former figure skater herself, helped create outfits for other athletes, such as Michelle Kwan , in the past.

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