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Neha is known for her curvy figure that looks beautiful in every frame.Almost everything about Neha Dhupia's figure is beautiful and special honor can be bestowed upon her legs.

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Patnaik said it was sheer luck to find a fossil like the one TOI had bought from the village.

"In Chandigarh, we have three in our department's museum and one at the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Sector 10. Absence of a law to protect the fossils is a cause of concern, he added.

The person who had helped strike the deal with the family in Masol village, claimed that he knew where to look for such finds. "Foreigners have been coming here for years to collect or buy 'maal' (valuables). "Sastey waaley kissi kamm dey nahi (The cheaper ones are of no use)." For some villagers in Masol, which doesn't have road links and drinking water, selling of the fossils is a way of making money.

"My child treks 12km in a forest to go to study in Pinjore.

Using quirky singers like Patna Ke Presleys and BP Band and outlandish costumes further established the song’s quirkiness.

Bollywood is no longer the home of those sari-clad women who were too modest show even a bit of skin and kept themselves running around trees and bushes.

Last year, a paper in a French journal, Comptes Rendus, claimed that cut marks on fossilised bones found in Masol were a proof of Hominin (early man) activities dating back 2.6 million years, and researchers could take years to find an entire skull as such fossils break due to the movement of tectonic plates.

Rajeev Patnaik, an expert in vertebrate palaeontology at Punjab University's geology department, said the skull, with its upper jaw still intact, was priceless because there are only 14 of its kind in the world.

This is but a primer for some of the best-remembered songs through the ages. An industry looking for a new voice found its perfect role model in Anurag Kashyap. D sought to turn around the traditional story of Devdas on its head with a contemporary setting.

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