American women dating ghanaian men

At one table, a young beggar asks for some food, as the family sitting there shoos her away while simultaneously bringing their shopping bags closer.

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As any westerner that has visited the country has seen, it’s not uncommon to receive marriage proposals from locals every few days.

In fact, during my time traveling around Ghana, I met many visitors who took to wearing fake wedding rings in an attempt to make it stop.

If the families agreed it was a worthwhile arrangement, the bridegroom would give the bride’s family a gift, typically money and (head wine).

Another tradition is — mainly among Ewe communities — for the bridegroom’s maternal and paternal aunts to send the bride’s father a pot of palm wine, which is essentially a message asking if their nephew can have the daughter’s hand in marriage.

And if she accepts the gifts, this means she’s also accepting the proposal.

Sometimes, the man will also send gifts to the bride’s family to show them his potential as a son-in-law.

I had been volunteering during my stay, and all of us were doing the same homestay.

One morning, another volunteer who knew Isaac turned to me and said, “So has Isaac mentioned his new charity to you? “In fact, I’m avoiding him.” “Well, he’s holding a benefit dinner for this new charity he supposedly started, and asked me donate money. He was telling me yesterday how he wants to take you to a nice restaurant and buy you a gift, but I know he’s broke. I began to ask around, even asking Isaac’s parents who were well-known in the community if they knew about a charity he was starting. When I confronted Isaac about how I didn’t appreciate him making up a fake charity and asking my friends for money, it became apparent my intuition was correct.

This is why I almost think I’ve misheard when the man turns to the woman — still seated in his plastic white chair — and asks the question every girl dreams of hearing (although usually not at a fast food join), “Will you marry me?

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