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They will make you feel like they are doing you a huge favor even though you're the one who is sacrificing extra time to complete the work for clients.

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Cause A Frockus would like to thank our tremendous resources: Wikipedia, the wonderful people who post their imagery on Wikipedia Commons without restriction, and Lane Furniture’s very helpful website:

Cons"The clients come first, even if it's at the expense of our employees"I feel like this should be the company motto.

Lane ventured into the realm of occasional tables in 1951.

Growth came again in 1956 with the introduction of case goods & in 1965 accent pieces were created under the Lane name.

It's also extremely annoying to have to know that they are asking the clients what they think of you and using that opinion to judge you.

This can be both good and bad, but the way I've seen it, it’s more of a burden then a positive.If it's easier to side with the clients and blame a single person, they'll do it.Once you are disliked by the client or even one manager, you might as well say goodbye to any opportunity that could have come your way.If you have made a spill, time is of the essence – immediately wipe it up!If you have a watermark that has already affected the finish, be sure to do the following: use a 4/0 steel wool along with Johnson’s paste wax to gently rub out the stain; you will want to rub with the wood grain.For the best results, do not spray directly from the can.

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