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-sdlr A post shared by Shayne Lamas (@shaynelamas) on "I offered my assistance to Shayne and [her husband] Nik. Craig enjoyed every moment of carrying the baby boy named Lyon. Shayne is so happy and feels very fulfilled on having a little boy and girl.

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“Lorenzo said, ‘Oh, I would love to, but I have a girlfriend,’” Craig told Fox News. I thought we could be friends.” When your bestie also happens to be your photographer... “He said, ‘I’d like to take you out on a date, if that’s OK,’” she recalled.

Thank you @kandymag for letting us play in the Kandy Beach House.

That’s all buttoned up now and I would like to take you out.’” And after three months of dating, Lamas proposed. Lamas, who was previously married four times and has six children, was faced with financial issues.

In 2015, Lamas told Fox News he didn’t have his former wives sign prenuptial agreements because “It’s like you’re almost professing failure at the outset.” In addition, he grew tired of waiting for a phone call to “get me on another B-movie,” prompting him to pursue a new role as a commercial pilot.

I thought, ‘I wish our lives had started off easier where we can have fun and enjoy each other' instead of, from the very beginning, be stressed with all the things that come along with being with Lorenzo. She believed discussing her husband’s finances made them more relatable to audiences. “It was never something Lorenzo said I needed to do,” she said.

“I think the way that was put together, I didn’t really say it exactly the way it came across,” she admitted. “It was a lot for one person to handle, especially a single dad…and having experience with Not For Profits is desired.The Controller should have experience with implementing process improvement procedures and be willing to enhance the accounting and finance functions.“We actually thought about in vitro for about a week,” she said.“And I was like, ‘No, I can’t do it.’ He was kind of upset about it, but he looks back and goes, ‘Thank you so much.Still, Craig insisted Lamas’ past didn’t make her think twice about the marriage. It was hard.” Craig recently chronicled their relationship in front of cameras for E!

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