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Whether one is fully committed to the AA model as it was developed by the early pioneers of the program or whether one is seeking to contemporize AA into the 21 Century, this site will provide you with lots of material for your research.focuses on our growing awareness of the realities of food addiction.These, then, are my 10 favourite recovery websites. He also indicates without a touch of melodrama that these are the best years of his life.

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Just because you are a recovering alcoholic does not mean you are not obese; and just because you are not obese does not mean you are not a food addict.

Even if you are neither, this site is a great way to start understanding the suffering of our fellow addicts in food.

: Arguably the foremost North American scholar and researcher of recovery movements, William White and his friend, Ernest Kurtz, have long been staunch supporters of AA and Twelve Step recovery without undermining other, very valid methods and philosophies that address the modern addiction malaise.

White’s website includes some of his best published scholarly work, interviews with other renowned researchers, as well as book reviews.

In my case, I have been asked with some frequency, who was the first woman in Alcoholics Anonymous?

I have spent a fair bit of time investigating that question myself, and I have come to the conclusion that in some ways the best answer is to ask another question: Why should we care?

A psychologist, Peele is clear that he believes the disease model of addiction is not only an inadequate representation of what lies behind addiction but, as well, the model causes far more harm than good.

Other disagreements with AA: spirituality in AA, for Peele, is merely a euphemism for religion; harm reduction as opposed to abstinence is the better way for most people to go; and most alcoholics/addicts recover on their own with either no recovery counseling or with short term, cognitively based programs.

As well as commentary on the “recovery movement,” and everyday sobriety, her website includes interviews, book reviews, and reports on current issues of interest.

Her blog elicits quite a bit of response from her readership.

As well as offering actual treatment opportunities, the website directs readers to its monthly news letter, Graduate Studies in addiction counseling, and a listing for a wide assortment of weekend seminars and retreats.

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