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A: No, but it is for those local to the central TX age play community, and you must be 18 .

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Whatever happens in-character, treat people out-of-character with respect. Note that if we believe you are living with another F-List user (or if you claim it in appeals), we will treat everyone involved as the same person for the purposes of rules enforcement; in particular, you are always responsible for anything your roommate or anyone else you live with does on F-List, regardless of circumstances, because we have no reliable way to distinguish between you.

Likewise, do not share your account with anyone; this includes logging on to other people's profiles, allowing them to log on to yours, logging onto your account from their computer, or utilizing shared accounts.

For more information or to buy tickets to "Ah, Wilderness," visit

For more about Harrington and her upcoming projects, visit, like her on at Harrington Actor, or follow her on Twitter (@Bid Harrington).

We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, especially based on the histories of the users involved; the action we take may be more lenient or more severe than those listed under each category.

Note that a few of the rules below specify that they only apply to public areas of the site; this includes public channels, profiles, and all discussion threads in all parts of the site.F-List is intended to be a safe roleplaying site where people communicate respectfully with each other -- a place where people can come to have fun, without fear of being harassed or insulted. The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other community members.Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behavior.Please note that the application of these rules varies based on the section of the website it is posted.Some things, for instance are acceptable in a private channel, or over PMs, but would not be acceptable in a public area; note that this does not mean that private channels or PMs are unmoderated, merely that they're moderated differently.Harrington, 17, plays Richard's girlfriend Muriel in the Equity production, which runs through Sept. She says the show, which first hit Broadway in 1933, still resonates today."My first impression at the read-through — we finally got to hear everybody acting it out — was how relevant it really is for kids my age now. "The preparation is different, but both are equally challenging and equally entertaining.

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