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Simplest way to implement auditing is for every table to have another audit table with the same structure.

The downside is that these audit tables grow very fast.

This is how to create a simple contract type with previously created message type that can be only sent by the initiator: Next comes a queue.

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The general syntax is: Next step is to create a message type contract.

This contract defines which message types are allowed in a conversation.

The general syntax is: In the SENT BY part we specify which message is allowed to be sent from each point of the conversation.

So we can specify that the initiator can talk about sports and women, while the target can only talk about sports.

A service exposes the functionality of contracts associated with the service to other contracts.

It defines which message types the associated queue will receive. If no contract is specified then that service can only be an initiator of the conversation so we have to specify which queue it will use and which contrats are allowed.

This way my other databases would be free of bloated audited data.

If i wanted to query the audited data i ccould simply select from one table that holds everything. Service Broker's reliable asynchronous messaging was the perfect solution.

This increases the database size and backup/restore times which is a negative side effect.

With a lot of tables this becomes cumbersome an hard to maintain.

What Service Broker does is it talks or converses with other service brokers.

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