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However, we do not directly oversee or manage the organizations listed here.

Thus, any information and services offered are subject to change.

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If the person fails to show up for court or abide by the orders of the court at any time, the court can and will take your bail money and you may be required to pay the rest of the complete security amount.

If you place the money on the inmate’s account and have them bail themselves out, you need only bring the money you wish to put on the inmate’s account.

The only exceptions are children under the age of 16.

A parent or guardian must accompany any person under the age of 18 during a visitation.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is respect for the rights of all survivors, including the freedom to decide whether to report to the police the crimes committed against them.

We work with survivors of any race, color, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity.They will take at least but not more than 0 from your bail money.Any fines the person may be charged by the courts can be taken out of the bail money unless you make separate arrangements with the courts.The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence provides training, research and other support to our member programs, in the interest of better serving survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking throughout the state.The Oregon Coalition staff makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information listed here is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.Mail is processed within 24-hours of receipt by staff at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility.

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