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Spider occupies hub (center) of web, hanging head down.Immature spiders may spin an oval or circular stabilimentum in the hub of the web.

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The median eyes are grouped together in a trapezoid shape, while the lateral eyes are some distance away. Legs long; first two pairs of legs held together and directed forward at rest in web; hind two pairs of legs directed backwards.

Legs of mature female specimens yellowish or reddish brown at base and black distally. Legs of adult male mostly brown with faded black bands. Abdomen somewhat of an oval shape with two rounded humps towards the front.

You can take a walk through the historic home of Faulkner then enjoy the beautifully preserved woods surrounding his home.

You can stay on the well-worn trails or venture off the beaten path and carve your own way through this wacky thing we call love.

Adult female: carapace silver or white, top of abdomen boldly patterned in black and yellow, underside of abdomen mottled black with two vertical, parallel yellow stripes.

Adult male: typically shades of brown and much, much smaller than the female.Each sac can contain 400 to 1,200 yellowish eggs, sometimes even more (1,200 in one sac is not uncommon).Spiderlings hatch within the egg sac in late autumn and overwinter inside the protective, insulated sac, emerging the following spring.If you are a spider photographer, you can submit pictures of spiders to help fill any voids in our ever expanding library.Winter came and spring is here, which means we have roughly five days and sixteen hours before the temperatures of Mississippi summer drive us all underground for fear of fatal heat stroke.Maturity can be reached somewhat quicker in warm regions (e.g. Prey is insects that jump or fly and are intercepted by the web.

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