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He attributed the Back to School Fair as one of the reasons for this ease in the first week of school.

Even though Fritch and Stinnett were not able to provide the Fair for their communities, we provided school supplies to those students who needed them.

Donations will be received until March 31, 2016 when the campaign cycle closes.

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This was the most raised per capita and per employee of all United Ways in the State of Texas.

In 2015 HCUW initiated two policy changes which affected the process of funding distribution to our Program Providers.

With these two changes, we gave a bonus allocation to each agency to make this transition as easy as possible to prevent any provided services provided being disrupted.

This is the last year of our Community Focus Grant Application.

With the economy bouncing back, our Campaign also bounced back like never before. Thank you to the generous donors of Hutchinson County.

Contributions came from 30 workplace rallies, 41 businesses and 30 individuals from within our community.

Designated funds from our donors are respected and given though they are not encouraged.

Disbursements for 2016 were as follows: Hutchinson County United Way 2016 Program Providers Allocations2016/17 Campaign Best Campaign Ever! With a difficult previous year, our goal remained at 5,000.

Throughout the year we educated our community about our new initiative by continually having conversations with our Partner Agencies and our donors while sharing and listening.

As we move forward our goal is to help cycle people out of poverty (whether generational or situational poverty) through education.

In years past, the annual allocations to the Program Providers had been distributed in five equal payments throughout the year and designated fund distributed in four equal payments throughout the year.

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