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It is about 6 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch wide.

I spread the outer lips of my pussy, revealing the soft inner ones and rub a single finger over them, teasing myself.

Turning the water on in the tub, I fill it partially and climb in, enjoying the feeling of soaking in the warm water.

I stretch with a groan and walk out of my door to make some coffee. " I ask with a teasing smile, as Mom and I were fairly open with each other when it comes to sex. I knock on the door and Mom calls out, "One minute! Several minutes later, the water turns off and Mom comes out of the bathroom and goes into her room, calling out, "All yours! After debating what to do for a few minutes, I chicken out and drive home.

When I walk into the kitchen, I look out the window and see Mom's car just pulling in the driveway. My coffee finishes and I pour myself some when Mom walks in. I try not to show it on my face but she looks like a mess. Mom sighs, "It's not important Jess." Mom says, almost collapsing in her chair. Normally I'm just the hostess but last night..." Some thoughts begin to go through my head, "What kind of club and what happened? " I take a quick shower, enjoying the feeling of washing the sweat off of my body. Mom opens the door, dressed in a tee shirt and sweat pants. I spend the rest of the evening wondering what the hell goes on there.

I twist the bottom and feel it spring to life with a faint buzzing noise.

I lower the toy to my clit, matching the heart up with it and I let out a soft moan.

I sit up and slowly pull my vibrator out of my pussy. I think and silently debate what my plan is for the next few minutes.

The head pops out and is coated with some of my cum. I wasn't sure how to tell you what I was doing so... " I fake a smile, "Yeah, nothing wrong with going to meet people." Mom nods, "Thanks for understanding sweetie! Finally, I put the address in my phone and get in my car and start to drive.

My fingers stop working my clit and I feel my legs begin to shake from my powerful orgasm. Because I connected to the Bluetooth in Mom's car once, I have its location saved in my phone.

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