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Moving away from amputation would I date someone paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair as someone else also mentioned here? there's this guy that i know, we mett a few times, and i know he's very fond of me, I'd date him in a heart beat if i could. having his leg amputaed at the knee didn't bother me, he loved to joke around about it all the time. I saw the people in the back booth move away from his hand and the people sitting accross from them stare and talk about it. If my man lost any and/or all of his limbs I would love him just the same.

Kate Philp, Britain's first woman soldier to lose a leg in combat and a member of the Walking With The Wounded team, is pictured during training on the Langiokull Glacier in Iceland.

Three teams are getting ready to take on the South Pole Allied Challenge Expedition.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. What about amputation as a result from cancer like for woman having her breasts amputated or a man having his penis amputated? And yes, I think I would have liked to have dated her and gotten to know her better.... But I know some of my family would probably whisper behind my back about her if I were dating her... My dad's side of the family - my hispanic/Catholic side - are, for the most part, very good, nice people... Alot of them just happen to be some of the most prejudiced and judgmental of people that I have ever met!

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... LOL....I'm sure that if I dated a girl who was missing an arm, or a girl who happened to be African American or Asian or somebody "different than us" so to speak, it would cause ripples among them....

Oh sure during a quicky or something I can see us both not getting to that point and I fine with that, but I like my lover to enjoy everything as much or more then I do as often as possible. Be well, John In my limited experiences, I've found this to be true. So I am glad it didn't work out.'Regardless of imperfections if he had no respect for you as a lady he shouldn,t expect a second date let alone a hotel. If i fell in love with him, i'd marry him on the spot! He couldn't walk but everything else seemed to work!

When I was 17, I dated a friend of my brother's that had lost the lower half of a leg in a lawn mower as a child. I think when we first notice a missing limb we stare out of curiosity but I find if you just ask rather than stare and s you,re more likely to get an expanation.

We parted when I got stationed overseas for an extended period of time and she met someone else.

Since I look at the person as a whole this doesn't bother me as long as it wouldn't effect the over all relationship in whole or in part.

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