A history of dating

It has touched upon and tied together all the recent trends - from "Marry Him" to "Rules" to online dating and many others.

What a great read--intelligent, timely and written with such flair and wit; the depth and rigor of Weigel's research is highly impressive.

Although it may be sobering to accept the reality of economic forces invading our intimate relationships, I am glad have a much better understanding of what my children and nephews are faced with today.

In this current time where people are voting because one man-one woman is their belief of history it should be more popular.

Anyone who is single and finds him or herself on a Friday night apathetically "swiping" and wondering, "how did I get here" should read this book.

It illuminates the social stakes of feelings too often misunderstood as private or peripheral: romantic desire, romantic frustration, and the shame of caring too much about either one.

Witty, lively, and deftly―refreshingly―attentive to largely untold histories, Labor of Love has constructed a dazzling tour of the public infrastructure of our private lives.

Many thanks to the author for all the work (and heart) that has gone into researching and writing this book.

A good overview of the modern invention of dating and how the institution escaped the early charges of prostitution.

Elegantly written, gratifyingly clear-eyed, and sharply funny, it restores the essential strangeness of dating, while expertly navigating the fraught contemporary debates over its meaning.” ―Nikil Saval, author of Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace“Instead of going out tonight, do yourself a favor: stay in and read this book.

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