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In my spare time, I would set them up on dates for fun and eventually started hosting singles events all around LA. Entertainment and noticed that my co-workers were all having trouble finding love.

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1) Someone that exudes warmth and is kind and nurturing.

2) Someone that is passionate about something - whether it be yoga, their job, or volunteering, men are attracted to women who are excited about something in their lives 3) Someone that is attractive -- this means different things to different people so it's quite subjective.

But here’s another thought: if the only way you can stomach online dating is by trying to find someone just like your ex, maybe what you really need is a time out instead.

“Sometimes you need a little bit of time in between rather than jumping right back in,” says online dating coach Julie Spira. “I’m always encouraging [daters] to jump out of their comfort zone,” says Spira.

If you are fairly attracted to your date and they are a kind person, you should absolutely give it at least one more shot. Our matchmakers go to great lengths to ensure that they find amazing matches that are within the specific age range you are looking for. What are the top things that you see men are looking for in a woman?

There are generally 3 things that men ask for in a woman.Starting June 25, will send an email to targeted Match users inviting them to try the new approach.Initially emails will only go out to users in cities where Three Day Rule currently operates, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but the offer will be extended as Three Day Rule expands to other cities.After all, changing things up may be what you really need to snap out of your dating funk. As the parties grew, I saw that there were so many successful, attractive singles that were struggling with dating.I knew that there was something missing in the market. At TDR, our matchmakers essentially go on first dates for you.

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