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Trauma has a way of changing those kinds of platitudes, and season two brings not only a couple who is far "friskier" this time around, per Camila Mendes, but who is also dealing with some serious baggage, from both ends."Both of them are experiencing something completely new in their lives for the very first time.

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Instead, KJ notes, his character's singular quest "takes over everything and kind of gets in between his relationships with all his friends, and with Veronica, his girlfriend."Because yes, Archie and Veronica are using the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." (In the latter's own words, "Oh my god, you guys, .

It's just a word that starts with the letter ' B.'") It's a big shift from when Veronica conceded that while Archie was boyfriend material, she wasn't looking for anything serious.

"I think any kind of storylines with your girlfriend's dad is always gonna be fun," he says. That was really fun, playing with that with Mark."If you follow any of the cast of on social media, you know they hang out almost 24/7 — and that off-screen bonding is helping drive the narrative on-screen, too.

"Me and Cami are really good mates and I think the writers keep giving us more and more cool stuff to work on," KJ says.

"Our last episode is going to set up a new trajectory for Archie in the storyline," he hinted at the time.

"We could have made a movie out of that last episode. We definitely would have had enough [material] for it."While we have yet to get a feature-film-length episode of , the show has been expanded to a solid 22 episodes."I think when you get too comfortable with the work, it can come across kind of mediocre.I definitely saw it as a really good challenge for me as an actor, it really tested me.And it's another chance to see if Archie really boyfriend material, given he doesn't have the best track record.As careless a boyfriend as Archie was to Pussycat Valerie, he wasn't dealing with his dad potentially dying when the two were dating.I'm proud of what we all did" in season two, he says.

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