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The borders between Germany, Poland and the Soviet Union were also readjusted.The leaders affirmed their commitment to ending the war with Japan in the Pacific and issued a stern threat of destruction to the still belligerent nation. The Nuremberg war crimes trials begin during November after the end of World War II.

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FDR's inaugural address was also noted as one of the shortest to be delivered. Constitution that only allowed a maximum of two terms for future presidents. The main leaders of the Allied forces in World War II meet at Yalta during February to discuss how to end the war.

FDR's fourth term did not last long as he died in April . The week long meeting was held between the United States president Franklin D.

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The battle was immortalized in the memorable photograph of U. troops struggling to raise the American flag atop the slope of Mount Suribachi, the highest point in the island. More Information and Timeline for the End of World War II. The surrender came just a few days after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

More Information and Timeline for the first atomic bombs. The United States begins research and development of an atomic bomb beginning in 1940 and the project is overseen by Dr. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki marked the first time that nuclear weapons had been used in war. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has his fourth inauguration in January .Roosevelt, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and the British prime minister Winston Churchill.Some of the agreements made at the Yalta conference included asking for the unconditional surrender of Germany, having the Soviet Union join the fight in the Pacific to help end that part of the conflict, and how to restructure and divide the newly liberated parts of Europe.People throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and formerly occupied Western Europe celebrated the victory on May 8, , and the Soviet Union declared victory one day later on May 9, .In middle class America, dating in the 1940s was a much more formal activity than it is today, with very strict rules.The Soviet Army reached Berlin in the middle of April after making its way through Eastern Europe, liberating German concentration camps as it progressed towards Germany.

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