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If often comes to light when there is a prolonged period of less-than-great times between the two in a relationship, and one of the people will start thinking of better times.

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There’s really nothing to say and it would likely backfire big time.

However, if his texts start to get more suggestive, you may need to make a very tough choice.

Later, there's some discussion about the benefits of masturbation.

Discussion about women's body parts; a character muses about the fidelity of someone else's wife.

As much as I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s just trying to have you as a friend, when you consider most people in this situation, they’d almost certainly be testing the waters to see if there is still hookup possibility.

It’s shady and wrong and says something about the guy, but at the same time, tons of people do it all the time.

Insofar as what you should do, that’s not a simple answer.

If all he’s doing right now is texting you pretty standard stuff, I don’t think it’s wise to say anything to his girlfriend.

He's also shown buying marijuana from a dealer and discussing its properties as if it were premium coffee.

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