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Some county court houses are in areas difficult to obtain parking near on a Saturday, or weather conditions may require you to move your convention.

You may have also planned in advance to recess to another location.

“I was informed by the FBI that there is a warrant for my arrest there, presumably for the brawl which followed the torch march from Friday night,” Cantwell wrote.

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If you temporarily recess, the convention president should clearly state the time and location that day to reconvene within your county.

When the convention reconvenes, you are permitted (as you normally are) to vote to accept the credentials of additional delegates as submitted by the credentials committee.

They may choose to reorganize at the time and location specified above by the state committee, or they may elect to reorganize on another date.

Anyone organizing a county that is currently unorganized must do so at the date, time and location noted above for general organization.

The following sections of this page contain the information and procedures that county committees are required to follow.

If you are new to the process -- or even to the concept of political conventions -- then we recommend that you skip to the end of the page and read the section titled "PROCESS EXPLANATION".

When organized, it shall elect a permanent president, a secretary and treasurer.

(OPTIONAL TEMPORARY RECESS) In the event that your county is organizing at the time and location specified by the state party, you may wish to temporarily recess your convention following the election of the convention president and secretary.

Any county failing or refusing to organize under the provisions of this title may not have representation in the state convention (SC 7-9-100).

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