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I've tanked Bo C bosses and So T bosses on Ultimate in Parties of 4.It's actually easier because their buffs make me stronger and their damage makes it quick work. Other players have to kill all the enemies as fast as they can strike them.You will be amazed at how fast it clears and you won't likely need to use health potions because of the life steal. From level 6 to 9 level up the Mastery bar of Shaman (remember to never go past Oak Skin [25 points] on the mastery bar). Level up the mastery bar (5 points) to Menhir's will and put 1 point in it.

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For anyone looking for a safe, less anxious way to advance in hardcore mode on all difficulties with little effort, minimal APS, and no real threat then I would recommend considering this Warder retaliation/reflect build.

Plus it's a great support & tank for multiplayer (though I solo'd from start to finish, not many multi's on elite, and hardly any on ultimate for hardcore players yet). Taunt skills on certain gear keeps the enemy attacking you.

The no stress, unwaivering, invincible, high damage output, less mainstream build who comfortably completed all quests on all difficulties in hardcore without breaking a sweat using all self found gear.

This build was meant for survivability with damage focusing on what's normally a secondary channel being retaliation and reflect instead of the mainstream weapon/caster builds.

Draw near to the enemy - Many ranged enemies will melee you when you're close (like those bastard skeleton priests and witch doctors).

Get retaliation procs - Items that retaliate (doom bolt, vines, lightning in my build for example, see video) will help kill everyone on the map (not just those in melee range) and compliments your retaliation damage very well.

Level the mastery bar to Heart of the Wild, then put a point in Mogdrogen's Pact to activate that line, put another point into heart of the wild.

Then continue leveling up the mastery bar until you reach Oak Skin. You cannot regain points that you accidentally put in the master bar so to follow this guide you'll want to stop at Oak Skin which is 25 points in the Mastery Bar.

You never want to face the hordes without your circuit breakers on stand by and ready.

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