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Plus they came, loaded it up, and hauled it away – no lifting or permits required.

I called several places Monday morning but got mostly voicemail.

While I was slightly annoyed they weren’t picked up, it was certainly better than getting a ticket.

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Between the 2 rooms of carpet I tore up a couple weeks ago and Saturday’s flooring fest, we have a huge amount of debris in the form of carpet, carpet tiles, and laminate “wood” flooring.

Of course there were also 7 black trash bags in the basement that the garbage men refused to take because they were full of “renovation material.” Apparently the great city of Newark wants nothing to do with your renovation trash.

They are franchised across the country and seem to get rave reviews online.

Their prices started at $136 and maxed out at $678 for a full load.

After doing a little price comparison, junk removal won.

Even for a full load, it wasn’t much more than renting a 10-15yard dumpster.

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I was comfortable with paying for 3/8ths, so I told them to load it up and get it gone.

For the next 25-30 minutes, I stood on the sidewalk and chatted with our neighbor while the 2 guys hauled stuff out the front door: And tossed out of the 2nd & 3rd story windows (with my permission) & squarely into the truck: At about 2/3rd’s complete: Less than a half hour later, the truck was loaded.

We did a quick walk through; I showed them the goods.

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